Hole By Hole

Hole 1

330/325/325/300 Yards
The opening hole at the Northeast Harbor Golf Club. A pond on the right and trees on the left demand a straight tee shot. A 180-yard tee shot will avoid both the pond and the trees. An approach shot below the hole is essential as the green slopes from back to front.

Hole 2

320/320/320/277 Yards
A tee shot favoring the left side is advantageous. An approach shot below the hole is necessary as the green slopes toward the fairway.

Hole 3

149/141/121/121 Yards
This tee shot is all carry to a two-tier green. Protected by four green-side bunkers, an accurate tee shot is essential to score on this hole. Note which tier the pin is on as a shot above a bottom tier pin placement makes par unlikely.

Hole 4

487/445/425/364 Yards
A mound on the right and trees on the left demand a straight tee shot.

Hole 5

316/305/258/258 Yards
Favor the right side of the fairway for the best angle to the green. The Mill Brook runs down the left side of the fairway and bisects the hole 80 yards from the green. A severely sloped putting surface requires that your approach stay below the hole.

Hole 6

127/127/117/117 Yards
A short par 3 with trouble long and bunkers on the right and left sides of the green. This green slopes toward the tee setting up a birdie opportunity for those with a favorable tee shot.

Hole 7

284/270/270/240 Yards
Extremely tight, an ideal tee shot is 200 – 220 yards. This is the firmest green on the course, so you must play a bump-and-run or a lob shot in approach.

Hole 8

155/155/145/145 Yards
This tee box is one of the two highest areas on the golf course, so wind is a factor. A lower trajectory is advisable and again trouble is located behind the green with bunkers short right and left. The green slopes front to back.

Hole 9

503/457/419/419 Yards
Hole 9 is a sharp dogleg left. A straight ball off the tee is absolutely necessary. A mid-iron second shot is advisable, leaving a short wedge to the green. Bunkers are located short left and short right. Again, trouble is located behind the green.


Hole 10

500/465/465/436 Yards
A tee shot should favor the left side, as the fairway is visually deceiving from the tee, less room right and more room left. A mid-iron second shot will set up a slightly downhill approach. Severe trouble behind the greens with a bunker protecting the right side of the green.

Hole 11

342/310/250/250 Yards
Favor the right side off the tee to avoid the tall pine guarding the left. A driver or fairway wood is recommended for the hole. An uphill approach plays 1 club longer than your yardage would indicate. Green slopes strongly from right to left.

Hole 12

181/175/155/155 Yards
Favor the right side off the tee as any shot short or right bounces toward the hole. The green is a turtleback with slope from back to front.

Hole 13

352/326/326/294 Yards
Best to favor the left side. The landing area narrows past 220 yards. The green is surrounded on three sides by water so the downhill approach must be accurate. Plays slightly shorter than yardage.

Hole 14

210/187/153/153 Yards
Try to carry your tee shot onto the large, receptive but most severely bunkered green on the course.

Hole 15

415/365/410/353 Yards
Driving accuracy is a must, OOB (edge of road), sand left and trees and pond right. The green is very small for a hole this length. Bunker short left and bunkers surround the green to the right. Do not go long as trees behind the green are a factor.

Hole 16

291/281/213/213 Yards
An ideal tee shot is 180 yards, just over the ridge. Too far left, right or long may result in severe difficulty on the approach shot. The play is a high, soft second shot into a two-tiered green with a deep front-right bunker and backed by a ledge.

Hole 17

348/338/303/303 Yards
This hole is visually deceiving as it actually plays like a dogleg right. A tight landing area off the tee in a fairway sloped right to left. A large two-tiered green mounded all around to receive approach shots. The hole plays uphill.

Hole 18

296/239/239/214 Yards
Again, wind is a factor and a 200-yard tee ball is ideal. Approach is to a small, bunkered two-tiered green. As with almost every approach shot on the course, don’t be long.


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